My First Desi Wedding

Asalamu ‘alaikum warahmatula wabarakatuhu everyone.

This past weekend, I attended my first ever Asian wedding. As mentioned previously, yup it’s wedding season and it’s invitations upon invitations! I do plan on attending all of the ones I have been invited to insha Allah just to experience how other cultures have their events especially with the segregation in some and no music for all of them.

I am counting down to the day I’ll wear 27 dresses before I perhaps get to be a bride myself.

I was super excited for this event as one of the sisters was getting married. I attended the event with the other sisters (I forgot the name we came up with for ourselves but for now, it’s 4 of us that attended Quran classes together in East London and alhamdullilah remained friends). The weekend was also about sisterhood bonding time! Not trying to be cheesy.

The wedding was unusual and very different to the Gambian weddings I have been to. The bride was on time and everything was just spot on Masha Allah! The no music part was what I loved the most. We all enjoyed each other’s company and met the other guests and the atmosphere was just beautiful. 

Not only is music haraam but I think it’s also highly overrated but hey, that’s just me and my opinion.

It started off with cocktails being served, the bride’s entrance and prayers for the couple. (I’m gutted that I missed this part as I took a nap prior in the hotel room and just went with African timing!). Gotta break this bad habit.

It was not a serve yourself event and on the starter menu was:

  • Aloo Tikka Nawabi (Potato cake with pomegranate, encased in rich gram flour and shallow fried)
  • Amritsari Fish Pakora (Deep fried fish marinated with rich herbs and tandoori spices) This was my absolute favourite!
  • Kandhari chicken tikka (chicken mildly marinated with ginger, garlic, black pepper, pomegranate powder, lime juice, salt and saffron cooked on charcoal)
  • Peshwari Seekh Kebab (Minced meat with onions, green chilli, herbs and spices cooked on skewer)

The main dish was:

  • Punjabi chicken masala (chicken cooked with onions, fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes green chilli and coriander)
  • Karahi Gosht (meat specially cooked with onions, fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes, green chillies and coriander)
  • Bangan Aloo Gobi (Aubergines, new potatoes & cauliflower cooked with spring onions, garlic, whole mustard seeds, cumin seeds and sliced ginger in a mix of traditional spices)
  • Kashmiri Daal Piaz (Channa daal / yellow split lentils cooked with spring onions, tomato, fresh coriander, green chilliest and selected herbs and spices) 

HA! I LOVE DAAL. If you know me too well then you know  

  • Jeera Pilau rice (Tilda grand rice cooked with cumin seeds , curry leaves, salt and selected spices)
  • Home made naan bread (Made of wheat flour baked in tandoor)

For dessert:

  • Ice cream with mango coulis (Coconut flavoured ice cream with layers of mango coulis, topped with fresh fruit)
  • Gajar halwa (Sweet dessert with carrots, milk and nuts, light fudgy texture)
  • Tangali Cham Cham (Traditional Bengali sweet made with flour, cream, sugar and saffron)

Those of you readers without any Asian background, I think I just gave you recipe ideas or atleast an idea of what to order next time you go into an Asian restaurant. 

Tea and Candy Floss was served in the end:

Subhanallah I had my first ever Candy floss and Kashmiri Chai (Pink Tea).

This was sooooooo good! The amazing pink tea is apparently made from the same leaves as green tea but the colour changes to pink! You can look up recipes yourselves but been told that one can get the leaves from any Asian shop. 

Honestly, I am not a hot drink person but enjoyed it so much. It was served with crushed pistachio nuts which were sprinkled inside.


The event was an amazing experience and looking forward to other weddings and even more invitations hehe Insha Allah.

Oh! Maghrib Prayer time was also announced and arrangements were made for male and female prayer rooms Masha Allah.

The only disappointing thing about my whole weekend was the large fries I got from Burger King. Totally unrelated to the wedding but can you imagine I paid £2.69 for this???

It even looks bigger in the picture! 

I was soo hungry and couldn’t find a halal restaurant nearby before we went to our hotel so decided to grab few snacks but alhamdullilah, I got a yummy warm chocolate chip cookie upon arrival.

I hope to blog about a different culture’s wedding soon and would love to hear about your experiences to a Desi wedding!

BarakAllahu feekum 




  1. Aww those wedding pictures look amazing! Ma sha Allah may Allah protect your friendship sis! Enjoyed reading someone else’s prospective on Desi weddings lol. My fav recipe is kandhari chicken tikka but I loove desserts! Haven’t been to many weddings except a few. A little different atmosphere and environment but ya. Loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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