Part 2: Huroof (The Alphabet)

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Remember mixing up the letters when you reached L M N O P as a child? Haha, surely I wasn’t the only one that used to say Ella ello p… right?

The Qur’an was sent down in Arabic and in order to be able to read and understand it, one should try and learn how to read and understand Arabic.

In today’s post, we will focus on recognising the Arabic letters and be able to say the alphabet by heart. There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet but I’m sure it won’t take more than a day to know them all off by heart.

Before starting anything, let’s recite this dua to ask Allah to make it easy for us.

Allaahumma laa sahla ‘illaa maal ja’altahu sahlan wa ‘Anta taj’alul-hazna ‘ithaa shi’ta sahlan.

‘O Allah, there is no ease other than what You make easy. If You please, You ease sorrow.’

Here is an Arabic letter sheet which you can download to help you practice more at home to recognise it. It has the pronunciation spelt out for you.

An obstacle which I have is that I can’t record my voice and share it on here. However,  I managed to find this YouTube video which will be very helpful in learning. The key is to get your huroof (letters) right. Pronunciation is key and will take you a long way.

Before continuing to read, insha Allah please watch this video first while looking at the alphabets on the sheet above. 👇🏾

Excellent! Now that you have watched the video and have an idea on how to pronounce the letters, key word idea* you notice that you might not have been able to get all the pronunciation right. However, I am certain you were able to get most right.

Let’s now imagine on a hot summers day, you drink a very cold beverage and then utter a deep sigh of relief. Great! that’s the sound we need for the letter ح. It does sound like the letterه , but it is pronounced completely different. The ه is called the ‘happy haa’ as it is pronounced just the same way as the letter ‘h’ in the English alphabet.  Keep practising and insha Allah you’ll get it.

You will notice that on the Alphabet sheet I created, I colour coded the letters into the number of dots each letter has. Try and spread out the letter if you wish in any way you want on a piece of paper to be able to identity them by putting the ones with no dots, 1 dot, 2 dots and 3 dots together so you can always identify them easily. That is one trick which helped me a lot.  Eg, ب , once you know that baa always has one dot at the bottom, it’ll be easy to always spot it. Followed by ت taa with two dots at the top and ث thaa with three dots on top. Do the same for all the letters with dots and try practicing it by writing it on a piece of paper. Personally for me, the best way to retain information, is usually to write down what I have learnt. Try that technique with learning Qur’an and make your own notes by jotting down the things you find difficult and need to improve and any rules you learn. Lots of rule learning once you start doing tajweed *smiles* 

Until next time, let’s get some work done! Insha allah in the next post, I’ll share a diagram of where each letter should emanate from which is called makhraj. That should help with pronouncing some of the letters better if you are having problems with them. I should have done it this week but my knowledge with Microsoft word is so limited that I always have to contact my cousin or my tech twins who have been of tremendous support with the content on the blog.

Barakallahu feekum and Asalamu alaikum

Your Sister in Islam (Umm Yusuf / Mina) 

Picture by Um Aamir : Sunset in The Gambia…

Credit goes to my institute that taught my Qur’an from the letters to tarteel. May   Allah preserve all those that taught me and make it as a sadaqa jariya for them. Ameen

Printable work sheet


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