My Muslim Shelf Space – Part 2

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Asalaamu alaikum!

As promised, here’s a continuation of some of the amazing books I have in my Muslim Shelf Space. Although you’ll find that some of these are fiction books, the authors did manage to do a brilliant work in sharing ideas on how it really feels to deal with issues such as heartbreak, love, loss of a dear one, struggling with imaan and even the day to day activities of life of a muslimah.

💐 Reclaim your heart by Yasmin Mogahead

Gifted to me by Sister Labiba may Allah SWT reward her with good. I read this book at the perfect time when I first started learning about Qadr (predestination) which subhanallah is such a broad topic. It took me time to not only try to understand it but also to accept certain things that did not go my way. Sister Yasmin in this book talks about Qadr carefully in a way that I personally could relate to. Not having things your way and relating it to few examples in the Qur’an and putting ones trust solely in Allah and that by doing so will one find success. She shed light on how everything we have is given by Allah and it is the attachment we have on to wordly things which weren’t ours in the first place that leads to us suffering even more at a time of loss. Now I’m sure we all deal with things differently but having read this book and accepting that our loved ones for example were gifts from Allah, helped me a lot. My two absolute favourite parts are where she discussed the importance of prayer which I will actually share with you all insha allah and also the the story of Prophet Musa showing absolute Tawakkul (reliance in Allah) when he stood at the Red Sea with his followers being chased away by Phroah and his followers. She talked about how Prophet Musa reached a dead end which his physical eyes could see but this did not stop him. He held out his staff and raised it up in the heaven reciting the dua “Qaala kallaaa inna ma’iya Rabbee sa yahdeen” 26:61 indeed my lord is with me and he shall guide me through. We all know how the story ended leading to pharaoh an his followers drowning right? Subhanallah it is so easy to write a long review on this book but I’ll just end it here and will highly recommend it to everyone regardless of belief.

💐 From My Sisters Lips

A book that made me fall in love with sister Nai’ma Roberts. Again, sister Labiba borrowed it to me and after reading it, I decided to get myself a copy. It’s one of those that have to be on every Muslim woman’s shelf really. When I finished reading it, I went straight on google to learn more about the author. She shares not only her journey from being a non Muslim to a Muslim wearing niqab but talks about important aspects on the life of a revert and even the struggles she faced such as , leaving behind her old lifestyle , choosing a spouse in the halal way, different views on polygamy, child birth and raising children.  Stories and experiences of other sisters in Islam were shared in every chapter of the book. Quite thoughtful of her on that as you’ll get to read about different ppl and their different experiences. With this book, one can literally get to read on it at any stage you are at in your journey as a Muslim. She has a great collection of amazing stories such as “from Somalia with love” and  “catch me” which is a book of poetry.  Insha allah do check them out.

💐 She wore red trainers–  Ever heard of a halal love story?  No I am not talking about the whole ideology of true love starts after nikkah. This book is a story about two teenagers who admired each other but did their level best to keep their feelings for each other as halal as possible with the whole lowering of the gaze etc. It is not a mills and boon type of novel but the author did a great job by dedicating it to “all those striving to keep it halal” and briefly educating a reader on the do’s and dont’s or in other words, a way on how to act with non mahrams which can be particularly hard when feelings are involved. And that brings me to my next favourite book on my shelf.

💐 Love Notes- Marriage and family life – This actually isn’t a book but was given to me at one of the Al Maghrib weekend courses I once attended conducted by Sheikh Yahya Ibraheem. I think the topic of love is very important but many shy away from discussing it. We know from ahadeeth that the prophet SAW had his way of showing his love to Aisha RA and that he is the best amongst men to his family. The book shares stories from the Qur’an and sunnah on dealing with spouses, courting, what to look for in a spouse, advice on how to make marriages work, duty of a child towards parent and duty of parents to children, inlaws, divorce and literally everything you can think of when in comes to love and family life.

For the sake of avoiding long posts, I decided to just do a short review on those four which might just be my favourite books. A visit to the bookstore is actually needed as I need to add to my collection. I have tried to read ebooks but they just do not do it for me. One that I am actually reading now is ‘The Ideal Muslimah’. Thinking of getting  the hardcopy as I cant seem to finish reading it online.

I would really love to hear from you on what your favourite novels are. Give a sister recommendations on her next few reads insha allah .


 Barakallahu feekum and Asalamu 'alaikum


 Your Sister in Islam (Umm Yusuf / Mina) 



  1. We do have free will to choose,as you know for every positive there is a negative, to want to do the right thing at al times is prety scarey stuff,we can be easily persuaded by the negative away from the positive and pretend to have made a positive choice when we know in our heart of hearts we have has had more enemies than negative because positive is demanding work and negative is easy.


  2. Ah I love these books! Especially reclaim your heart and Na’ima Roberts is one of my fav authors. She wore red trainers is one of my absolute favourite books!
    I would definitely recommend reading, Muhammad: How he can make you extraordinary by Hesham Al Awadi and The productive Muslim by Mohammad Faris. You can get both on Amazon. These are books you can learn from again and again as they have practical examples and exercises for you to do to implement changes in your life. I love them.

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