My Muslim Shelf Space – Part 1

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Now this post is a week late as I should’ve posted it right after my previous  post on seeking knowledge which you can have a read here as promised. I have been so busy following the news on the political situation in my country The Gambia, subhanallah which literally took all my time and energy but alhamdullilah , with Allah’s help things are somehow getting better. 

Without further ado, I will share few of my favourite books in my Muslim shelf space which I have found quite helpful in terms of seeking knowledge.

  1. Mushaf – which is The Qur’an with no translations and just the Arabic letters. I use the Uthmani Script as I find it easier to read and although I do not understand Arabic, It’s just an amazing feeling knowing that you are being rewarded for each letter you read. Subhanallah! How amazing is that? Here’s the hadith to support it.

    “Whoever reads one letter of the Book of Allaah will have one hasanah (reward) for doing so, and every hasanah will be multiplied by 10. I do not say that ‘Alif, laam, meem’ is one letter, but ‘Alif’ is a letter, ‘laam’ is a letter and ‘meem’ is a letter.’”

    I try to keep a pocket size one which I got as a gift from Regent’s Park masajid during Ramadan 2016. Also, as I attend a hifz program, I got myself a a copy of the mushaf with Tajweed covering 3 juz (part) of the Quran which will be easier to carry around to classes and helps with my recitation.

  2. English translation of the Qur’an – Now the saheeh international translation of the Holy Quran is the simplest and most easy to understand translation I’ve come across. The copy I have gives you a brief background on when surahs were revealed , reason for revelation etc so even before actually reading the surah, you have a brief idea on what the surah is about. This is amazing and helps me a lot with finding khusoo (calmness and attentiveness) in my Salah. Praying and reciting surahs knowing the time they were revealed and what they mean does help me with being attentive. Insha allah  one day I’ll try discuss ways I try to help me concentrate in my Salah.  I will put a link down below on a link from donate quran where one can download or order a free copy of a translated copy of the Qur’an. I believe they also have copies in other languages Alhamdullilah.
  3. The Sealed Nectar – One of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s filled with authentic ahadeeth and the story just flows making it easy for one to read and not feel bored despite its many pages. Warning! You will cry, smile, love and get goosebumps while reading it but if you don’t, perhaps I’m just too emotional.  Bottom line, if you want to learn about the story of our Nabiصلي الله عليه وسلم   then that’s the book to get.
  4. Tafseer of the last qur’anic juz and tafsir of surah Fatiha and ayatul kursi summarised by Ibn Kathir – To those that do not know, tafseer basically means commentary and it gives you an explaination of the surah and the reasons for revelation, time etc. Ibn Katheer’s commentary Masha Allah I’ve found to be the best.
  5. A brief illustrated guide to understanding Islam– A great way to start to learn about Islam and its pillars. Touches on most questions which a non Muslim or someone just beginning to learn about Islam would normally have.
  6. An explanation of the last tenth of the noble Qur’an –  The first ever book I was gifted by my ex colleague (may Allah swt reward him with good) when I started my journey and which helped me understand not in depth but to have an understanding of the 5 pillars of Islam, 6 pillars of imaan , women in Islam, characteristics of the believer and also brief commentary on the surahs in the 30th juz of the qu’ran.  This book is the absolute Best and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.
  7. Fortress of a Muslim– A little book of duas and literally, every Muslim out there should have a copy of this book in their possession.

These are a few of the books in my Muslim Shelf Space and I shall insha allah try to share some fiction story books I also enjoyed reading. I pray this post benefits you all insha allah and I would love to hear from you on the books that have helped you in getting to understand Islam or anything you found enjoyable really. Until my next post;

Barakallahu feekum and Asalamu 'alaikum

Your Sister in Islam (Umm Yusuf / Mina) 











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