The Nikah ❤️❤️❤️

Photo 20-04-2017, 08 12 39And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect”

[al-Room 30:21] 

This is probably my all time favourite topic. Love reading articles about nikah, admiring brides in their long gowns with the whole ooohing and aww’wing that I utter when I see a beautiful couple and ofcourse,  not forgetting an Allahumma barik to go with it saving them from evil eye.

These past few months, I have been learning so much relating to the topic of meeting a spouse the halal way, the sitting, what is permissible in time of courtship, the nikah itself and the sunnah acts for a couple on the night of the wedding. All thanks to my elder cousin who managed to do everything the halal way Alhamdullilah making my future wedding process a lot easier as I always get the weird looks whenever I discuss how I want my wedding to be with segregation and little interaction with the future spouse with a mahram or the very least, a third party present.

Marriage can become wajib (obligatory), sunnah (recommended) , makruh (disliked), mubah (allowed) and haram (forbidden) depending on each individual circumstance. Insha Allah I will post a link down below where you can read more about each case. For the sake of this blog post, let’s concentrate on it being wajib, sunnah or mubah.
I will try as much as possible to make this a short post and will therefore, just have cute little pointers on the necessary steps I have been able to gather in regards to the whole process.
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🌸Duty towards parents🌸

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem…

A recent conversation with Mama reminiscing lead to her sharing the last moments she shared with my grandma. I broke down in tears as if I lived the moments and couldn’t stop praying for her.

The shahada being her last words made me smile but throughout the whole conversation, I couldn’t help but admire Mama for she has being a dutiful child and I pray her children are the same to her insha allah. Continue reading

Not ready to start wearing Hijab?


Bismillah … Many a times, most of us get confused or sometimes even scared when it comes to decision on starting to dress modestly, start wearing hijab or even covering the face (niqab).

Today, as I look at the mirror trying to pin my hijab properly ensuring the safety pin under my throat is safely secured, ( walahi only hijabis will know the struggle I face with safety hijab pins when yawning) Continue reading

Sisterhood 💝


It was my first time. I was shy and just did not know what to expect.
I went in and performed my two rakats of tahiyatul masjid which I had just learnt about. By then, I wasn’t told that Muslim sisters were exceptionally kind. I heard whispers of asalaamu ‘alaikum with a big smile from the womenfolk but I still felt out of place. Oh have you noticed how sisters are also so touchy feely? Yeah took me time to get used to the hand shake, holding hands each time and hugging etc. Continue reading

Ibadur Rahman – Special People to Allah


On Friday evening, I attended a talk by Nouman Ali Khan on “Quranic healing of the heart” which was held at the East London Masjid.

Masha Allah as usual, the ladies section was packed and it’s always a great feeling seeing loads of other hijabis, people in jilbabs and niqabis all under one roof.

The topic that Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan spoke on was Ibaadur Rahman~ worshippers of Allah SWT.

Do we know who these are? Alhamdullilah,  my phone was fully charged so I managed to use my note app to write some few points to serve as a reminder for myself first and also to share with all of you.

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My Muslim Shelf Space – Part 2 :🌷


Asalaamu alaikum!

As promised, here’s a continuation of some of the amazing books I have in my Muslim Shelf Space. Although you’ll find that some of these are fiction books, the authors did manage to do a brilliant work in sharing ideas on how it really feels to deal with issues such as heartbreak, love, loss of a dear one, struggling with imaan and even the day to day activities of life of a muslimah.

Bismillah !

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My Muslim Shelf Space – Part 1 :🌷


Now this post is a week late as I should’ve posted it right after my previous  post on seeking knowledge which you can have a read here as promised. I have been so busy following the news on the political situation in my country The Gambia, subhanallah which literally took all my time and energy but alhamdullilah , with Allah’s help things are somehow getting better.  Continue reading